You can call me Double H, H2
or simply, "H."

Strategic thinker. Big picture painter. Thoughtful and precise executor with both agency and client-side experience.

Whether it's been with start-ups or Fortune 500 companies, non-profits or world-class sporting events, developing and executing on brand strategy and marketing initiatives is in my wheelhouse.

I recently relocated to Hailey and am looking to work with those who want to tap into my varied experience and skill set gathered along a dynamic career path.

I love to help create the big picture and be in the trenches to wrangle the best players and lead the team along the way.

I grew up in Colorado and made Boise, Idaho my home for eleven years before moving to the Wood River Valley. I love spending time on the trails, biking, hiking, skiing, adventuring... I'm a self-confessed sports gear fanatic, food photo enthusiast, aspiring "chef," and most certainly solar powered.

Mottos I live by...
Always be humble and kind.
EVERYTHING in moderation.
Smiling helps everything.